Powerland Tachyon Designed for Professional Heavy Duty Work

The Powerland Tachyon Electric Quad All Terrain Vehicle is designed for Professionals in rugged environments to be sturdy, reliable and easily maintainable. With less points of failure than non-electric vehicles the Tachyon represents the simplicity of design most appreciated by people in the field. There are no chains, drive shafts, gearboxes, air filters, carburetors, oil pans or exhausts to worry about, just motors and a heavy duty battery that pretty much look after themselves.

Powerland Tachyon Technology

Tachyon Utilities – Designed to meet your needs

Tachyon is the perfect solution for all your utility needs, whether you’re working on farms or in forests. With it’s versatile attachments, Tachyon can help you complete your tasks faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

One of the stand out features of the Tachyon is how quietly it operates, even when equipped with attachments. This makes it an ideal tool for working around animals or in sensitive ecosystems where noise pollution can be disruptive.

Our team has conducted extensive research into the needs of our customers and each of our attachments is designed with these requirements in mind.

Whether you need to mow the lawn, plough snow, or transport materials, Tachyon and it’s attachments are sure to help you accomplish your goals with ease.

Lawn mower

Tachyon Lawn Mower

Power Trailer

Tachyon Power Trailer

Snow Plough

Tachyon Snow Plough


Tachyon Forklift